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[Desktops] October 2007


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I used to have a pretty groovy Desktop. I just seemed to lose interest in it, so I haven't anything pretty to show you now.

However, look at this bitchen job...


Just scroll a little way down.

P.S. Do not follow any advice I gave on that site. We wouldn't want your machine blowing up.

It was a very long time ago that I posted those tips for my friends in Yahoo Chat for Windows 98. But the Desktop there was with a Windows XP install. (Egads! I use to use Symantec?!? LOL.)

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My Desktop

Wallpaper : Aurora by Adni18

Sidebar : DS (Desktop Sidebar program)

DS skin : my skin Vista Ultimate, with gadgets of my own

current weather: the panel retrieve the PNG from the Rainmeter "weather image provider" that I made

flash digital flip clock: running in the Flash Player panel

RSS news ticker: skin I made for an external application and captured by a panel in the sidebar (I add the WinCert news ;) )

I completely hide the taskbar with an application, and if the cursor hit the bottom of the screen, but still moving, the taskbar will not pop-up

if I need the start menu I just click on the "Windows" icon in the sidebar!

Applications launcher : Rainmeter (graphics from the AveDesk curved bar by Thewer <for personal use>) add features that I want on it like the system Uptime

and the recycle bin icon ("left click" to access the folder or "right click" to empty it with no window pop-up or question ask)

when I close the bar it become a single desktop icon

the desktop icons also run under Rainmeter and add features like sounds or like for example the project folder, in one click it will open the Rainmeter skin folder,the skin .ini file and launch Paint.Net



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