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Sandboxi v3.01


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When you run a program on your computer, data flows from the hard disk to the program via read operations. The data is then processed and displayed, and finally flows back from the progam to the hard disk via write operations.


For example, if you run the Freecell program to play a game, it starts by reading the previously recorded statistics, displaying and altering them as you play the game, and finally writing them back to disk for future reference.

Sandboxie changes the rules such that write operations do not make it back to your hard disk.


The illustration shows the key component of Sandboxie: a transient storage area, or sandbox. Data flows in both directions between programs and the sandbox. During read operations, data may flow from the hard disk into the sandbox. But data never flows back from the sandbox into the hard disk.

If you run Freecell inside the Sandboxie environment, Sandboxie reads the statistics data from the hard disk into the sandbox, to satisfy the read requested by Freecell. When the game later writes the statistics, Sandboxie intercepts this operation and directs the data to the sandbox.

If you then run Freecell without the aid of Sandboxie, the read operation would bypass the sandbox altogether, and the statistics would be retrieved from the hard disk.

he transient nature of the sandbox makes it is easy to get rid of everything in it. If you were to throw away the sandbox, by deleting everything in it, the sandboxed statistics would be gone for good, as if they had never been there in the first place.

Homepage and Download

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Been using/beta testing for the developer since around version 1.7.

IMHO a brilliant little security app.

A 250 kb download, a meg installed and offers protection against any and all internet/browser exploits, zero day included, without the need for any blacklist data base updates.

Takes a bit of user input but becomes second nature after a bit of use.

Also has a great support forum where you can post as a guest without the need to register.

Sandboxie FAQ's

Sandboxie Forum

Latest Beta

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Hey Cro-Man, would you recommend this ?

or anyone else?, have anybody tried it ? :)

I agree with Vfors opinion. It is a nice little security app, and a great help, if you gona drive to dangerous sites (with dialers, keyloggers etc.), or you don't want to save traces on your system (adult sites?). When you end web browsing, just save what you want and drop away anything else. With a single click!!! But I think its most valuable feature is to test new software, if it fits your needs. You can test a new game, a new security suite, maybe a shareware program.If you are not satisfied from it just empty sandbox contents. No garbage files through various Windows folders, no registry entries. And yes, i would you recommend this program. :welcome:

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