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Microsoft Edge 114.0.1823.37 Dual x86x64 [Silent] 

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Changes in Edge 110.0.1587.41 (2023-02-09):

Feature updates

  • New Immersive Reader policies. Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge simplifies web page layouts, removes clutter, and helps you customize your reading experience. Using these new policies (ImmersiveReaderGrammarToolsEnabled and ImmersiveReaderPictureDictionaryEnabled), administrators can control the availability of Grammar Tools and Picture Dictionary features within Immersive Reader.
  • Enabling sync for Azure Active Directory signed in customers. Microsoft Edge sync roams data across all signed in instances of Microsoft Edge. This data includes favorites, passwords, browsing history, open tabs, settings, apps, collections, and extensions.  For Azure Active Directory users who have sync turned off, after the browser is launched they’ll see a notification prompt and have sync turned on for all signed in instances of Microsoft Edge. This sync enablement includes other devices where they’re signed in. Additionally, if a user’s other devices don’t have history and open tabs sync on, those two toggles will be turned on. Organizations using the SyncDisabled policy won’t be affected by this change.
  • Drop. Microsoft Edge now offers a simple way to send files and notes across all your signed in mobile and desktop devices. Using the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, Drop can be managed through the sidebar (edge://settings/sidebar). Administrators can control the availability of Drop using the EdgeEDropEnabled policy.

New policies

  • AutofillMembershipsEnabled – Save and fill memberships
  • ImmersiveReaderGrammarToolsEnabled – Enable Grammar Tools feature within Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge
  • ImmersiveReaderPictureDictionaryEnabled – Enable Picture Dictionary feature within Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge
  • PrintPreviewStickySettings – Configure the sticky print preview settings
  • SearchInSidebarEnabled – Search in Sidebar enabled
  • WorkspacesNavigationSettings – Configure navigation settings per groups of URLs in Microsoft Edge Workspaces

Obsoleted policies

  • DisplayCapturePermissionsPolicyEnabled – Specifies whether the display-capture permissions-policy is checked or skipped
  • ExemptDomainFileTypePairsFromFileTypeDownloadWarnings – Disable download file type extension-based warnings for specified file types on domains
  • SetTimeoutWithout1MsClampEnabled – Control Javascript setTimeout() function minimum timeout
  • ShadowStackCrashRollbackBehavior Configure ShadowStack crash rollback behavior
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Changes in Edge 111.0.1661.44 (2023-03-16):

Feature update

  • New Microsoft Edge PDF experience policy. As part of the Adobe and Microsoft collaboration to re-envision the future workplace and your digital experiences, we are natively embedding the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine into the Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader, with a release scheduled in March 2023. Administrators can start testing the new Microsoft Edge PDF reader which is powered by the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine by enabling the NewPDFReaderEnabled policy.

New policies

  • ShowAcrobatSubscriptionButton – Shows button on native PDF viewer in Microsoft Edge that allows users to sign up for Adobe Acrobat subscription
  • NewPDFReaderEnabled – Microsoft Edge built-in PDF reader powered by Adobe Acrobat enabled
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Changes in Edge 112.0.1722.34 (2023-04-06):

Feature update

  • Enhanced security mode improvements. Enhanced security mode now supports WebAssembly for ARM64. Cross-platform support is now available for x64 Windows, x64 macOS, x64 Linux and ARM64 systems.
  • Added features for web app policy. The WebAppInstallForceList policy lets administrators configure a list of web apps that install silently, without user interaction, and which users can’t uninstall or turn off. This policy now supports custom_name, which permanently overrides the app name of installed apps and custom_icon, which permanently overrides the app icon of installed apps.
  • In-browser JSON viewer. Improvements to how JSON files are displayed in the browser, which includes a color-coded tree view with line numbers and the ability to collapse and expand the data. This functionality will trigger automatically when the browser navigates to a JSON file on the web or the user opens a local one. Additional features and enhancements will roll out as available. For more information, see View formatted JSON – Microsoft Edge Development. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don’t see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout or you can navigate to edge://flags and search for JSON Viewer to manually enable.
  • Updated new tab page policy. The NewTabPageHideDefaultTopSites policy hides the default top sites from the new tab page in Microsoft Edge. Starting on March 20th, when the policy is enabled it will also remove sponsored quick links from the new tab page.

New policies

  • CryptoWalletEnabled – Enable CryptoWallet feature
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  • 大†Shinegumi†大 changed the title to Microsoft Edge 113.0.1774.35 Dual x86x64 [Desatendido] 

Changes in Edge 113.0.1774.35 (2023-05-05):

Feature update

  • Improvements to enhanced security mode. Enhanced security mode provides an extra layer of protection when browsing the web and visiting unfamiliar sites. In this release updates include consolidating the security level settings to Balanced and Strict mode.
  • Switch from Microsoft Autoupdate to EdgeUpdater for macOS. Microsoft Edge for macOS will start using a new updater named EdgeUpdater. This change only affects Microsoft Edge on macOS. If you use update preferences for Microsoft Autoupdate to prevent browser updates, you will need to transition to the new EdgeUpdater UpdateDefault policy before Microsoft Edge 113 to prevent future automatic updates.
  • New policy for PDF View Settings. The RestorePdfView policy lets Admins control PDF View Recovery in Microsoft Edge. When enabled or if the policy isn’t configured, Microsoft Edge will recover the last state of PDF view and land users on the section where they ended reading in the last session.
  • Updated Microsoft Root Store policy. The MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled policy will now be supported in Microsoft Edge version 113 and 114. It will be removed in Microsoft Edge version 115.
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  • 大†Shinegumi†大 changed the title to Microsoft Edge 113.0.1774.50 Dual x86x64 [Desatendido] 

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