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Registration and Validation Problems


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How's now, we've flushed firewall rules now.

I kindly ask all of you for patience as I had to move wincert.net to another server to keep it alive.

We will find a solution although this situation is very annoying for our users.

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Around this time I cant connect but it seems to be OK so far

That's good. I've found out that several people were unable to connect this whole week (from the move) no matter what I did.

Hopefully, everyone is able to access wincert now.

Thanks for the info Rick.

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Hi, I'm just getting Incorrect password for trying to comment on the main site; hopefully it's not me missing the captcha.. joined the forum 2 post about it.

Believe it or not, you typed the wrong captcha :)

We're currently testing the new frontpage comment software that should replaced our current (buggy) one :)

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FWIW, I just signed up, registered, and the validation link in the email opened up a new browser page with my email address filled in as the username. It gave me pause when my new, freshly minted, auto-created sign-in page threw a red/pink error message telling me that I could NOT sign in.

I changed the auto-filled email address to my chosen username - and here I am.


BTW, luckily, I keep a magnifying glass here on my desk; that enabled me to read the Captcha graphic - otherwise impossible. FYI, re potential members. (27" screen at 2560 x 1440)

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