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Problems with my laptop.


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Hello WinCert folks! :happy:

I have a problem.

Well, when I play a game, (let's say counter-strike:Condition Zero this time)(BTW; I'm running a CS server meanwhile) my comp sometimes goes into "Slo-mo" mode, it begins to lag EXTREMELY, this is also happening in other games, also sometimes on my HP Pavillion 9000, (which is much better than my Acer,) but, it's not that bad on the HP one...

Before, when I bought my Acer laptop (September last year) my laptop was working fine, I made a server with over 20 Ai Bots, and I played meanwhile on it with 4 of my friends, WITHOUT lagg.

I can't really remember WHEN this all started, but it's long time ago.

What could possibly cause this ?

Even after killing a lot of proccesses and unused programs, AND lifting my comp on some "Holders" I have (for better cooling), this still happens..

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance! :D

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Alright guys, I don't know what's going on here :blink:

Now it also goes into "Slomo-mode" when I'm browsing the web/watching videos :o

Hmmm, could it be a graphic card? Can you consult with the service center about this problem?

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Hm, I stil have warrenty (spelling) and guarantee on it, so should be no problem.

So you are saying that I just need to drop it off a repair shop ? :)

If it's still under warranty, that would be the best option, at least I'd do that..

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