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eset smart security or symantec endpoint protection v11


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please help me here, am trying to choose a security software for my xp. but am stuck here, because both of these products eset smart security and symantec endpoint protection v11 are very good.

all i want to know is which one of these will give me the best protection, and also consume few system resources

thank you.

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As a long-time NOD32 user after having been an also long-time NortonAV user (yes, I admit my sins!), I'd definately say ESET!

Haven't tried their ESS lately (I did evaluate the Beta 1 with positive results), I can't really comment on that, but I'm sure it inherited all the good qualities from NOD32 ;)

Symantec/Norton OTOH is (ort rather: has been in the past, I have to be honest that I haven't tired any of their software lately. I was beta testing Norton 360, but that couldn't even be installed on THREE! of my testing machines... :/) really a bloated piece of software with probabaly useless but definately questionable features.

It's definately nothing for the more experienced user, whereas NOD32 offers all the options I am seeking in an anti-virus solution.

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