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TUTORIAL: All About Resource Hacker in a Brief Tutorial

Vishal Gupta

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Hi guys

Although I'm sure most of the members here know about Resource Hacker and use it but I'll like to share my Resource Hacker tutorial with you all. May be you guys will like it. :)

Resource Hacker is a tool to hack Windows system files. You can edit system files and change the look of dialog boxes, menus and many other things the way you like.

Following are a few screenshots of a few interesting hacks which can be done using Resource Hacker:








Above are just a few examples. You can use Resource Hacker for changing almost everything you want.

I have posted my resource hacker tutorial at my site, I got a gr8 response from ppl in various forums. So pls take a look at the tutorial and lemme know how is it? If you want to ask anything, feel free to ask. :)

All About Resource Hacker in a brief Tutorial

To read all resource hacker tutorials:

All Resource Hacker Tutorials

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Hey Vishal, Welcome to WinCert. First of all I would like to thank you for your work. I have been to your page a number of times. I just got in to XP mods and just about used all of your tutorials. I did see some pics above that I don't recall seeing. But lately, I have been learning, infs to make addons, so I kinda of slipped away from ResHack.

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You just need to re-arrange the controls in the dialog box. Simply drag-n-drop the progress bar to left-top side and then resize it. Its a very old screenshot so I don't have the actual code. Its very simple. Just play with the controls and move them anywhere you want. :)

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^^ Thanks mate. I'm glad you liked it. :)

sori for bugging dude..

i've read all your post..

seems good and you got positive feedback..

well done

so, i try to apply those things to my computer and no works

i saw you post it for xp-user..

can u make one for the vista user because it's a bit difference the string in it

i'm currently running windows vista ultimate..

i'm looking for your feedback

thanks dude

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Hey Vishal, great guide!

Do you have any idea how I can change the command executed when you click "shut down" or "log off" in the start menu?

Reason I am asking is this: http://nookian.deviantart.com/art/shutoff-...ogoff-102532512

I want to hack the menu in 4 ways:

- remove "Logoff"

- rename Shutdown to "Logoff / Shutdown"

- change the command to shutoff.exe (the app from the link)

- add a button to change useraccount (if multiple accounts exist)

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