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"Browse for Folder" is greyed out...help!


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^so this is my problem: in most (but not all) programs where you must browse for a folder (foobar2000, Recuva, etc.), i cannot even see the folder treeview, much less browse for a folder, because the entire area is greyed out. Other than the shortcuts for the "Games" not appearing (not a big deal, I created them manually), my windows install went perfectly. And this is not a major issue...but for programs like Recuva where the "browse for folder" dialog is the ONLY way you can use the program, it's kind of important. And if at all possible, I would prefer NOT to have to format and reinstall.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :thumbsup_anim:

{Windows XP x64 SP2, all updates & hotfixes, WMP11 integrated with Booogy's integrator, IE7 integrated via nLite, used RyanVM for 3 addons that in no way affect system files, all 64-bit drivers up-to-date and working properly} <---yes I'm aware that this isn't the x64 section, but I think this is more of a nlite or general windows question.

Components removed via nLite:

Accessibility Options


ClipBook Viewer


Internet Games

NT Backup


Display Adapters

Display Adapters (old)

Ethernet (LAN)




Sound Controllers

Wireless Ethernet (WLAN)

Albanian keyboard

Arabic (101) keyboard

Arabic (102) AZERTY keyboard

Arabic (102) keyboard

Armenian Eastern keyboard

Armenian Western keyboard

Azeri Cyrillic keyboard

Azeri Latin keyboard

Belarusian keyboard

Belgian (Comma) keyboard

Belgian (Period) keyboard

Belgian French keyboard

Bosnian Cyrillic keyboard

Bosnian keyboard

Bulgarian (Latin) keyboard

Bulgarian keyboard

Canadian French (Legacy) keyboard

Canadian French keyboard

Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard keyboard

Chinese (Simplified) - ZhengMa keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Alphanumeric keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Array keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Big5 Code keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - ChangJie keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - DaYi keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - New ChangJie keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Phonetic keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Quick keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode keyboard

Chinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard keyboard

Croatian keyboard

Czech (QWERTY) keyboard

Czech keyboard

Czech Programmers keyboard

Danish keyboard

Devanagari - INSCRIPT keyboard

Divehi Phonetic keyboard

Divehi Typewriter keyboard

Dutch keyboard

Estonian keyboard

Faeroese keyboard

Farsi keyboard

Finnish keyboard

Finnish with Sami keyboard

French keyboard

FYRO Macedonian keyboard

Gaelic keyboard

Georgian keyboard

German (IBM) keyboard

German keyboard

Greek (220) keyboard

Greek (220) Latin keyboard

Greek (319) keyboard

Greek (319) Latin keyboard

Greek keyboard

Greek Latin keyboard

Greek Polytonic keyboard

Gujarati keyboard

Hebrew keyboard

Hindi Traditional keyboard

Hungarian 101-key keyboard

Hungarian keyboard

Icelandic keyboard

Inuktitut Latin keyboard

Irish keyboard

Italian (142) keyboard

Italian keyboard

Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard

Japanese keyboard

Kannada keyboard

Kazakh keyboard

Korean Input System (IME 2000) keyboard

Korean keyboard

Kyrgyz Cyrillic keyboard

Latin American keyboard

Latvian (QWERTY) keyboard

Latvian keyboard

Lithuanian IBM keyboard

Lithuanian keyboard

Luxembourgish keyboard

Maltese 47-key keyboard

Maltese 48-key keyboard

Maori keyboard

Marathi keyboard

Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard

Nepali keyboard

Norwegian keyboard

Norwegian with Sami keyboard

Pashto keyboard

Polish (214) keyboard

Polish (Programmers) keyboard

Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard

Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) keyboard

Portuguese keyboard

Punjabi keyboard

Romanian keyboard

Russian (Typewriter) keyboard

Russian keyboard

Sami Extended Finland-Sweden keyboard

Sami Extended Norway keyboard

Serbian (Cyrillic) keyboard

Serbian (Latin) keyboard

Slovak (QWERTY) keyboard

Slovak keyboard

Slovenian keyboard

Spanish keyboard

Spanish Variation keyboard

Swedish keyboard

Swedish with Sami keyboard

Swiss French keyboard

Swiss German keyboard

Syriac keyboard

Syriac Phonetic keyboard

Tamil keyboard

Tatar keyboard

Telugu keyboard

Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock) keyboard

Thai Kedmanee keyboard

Thai Pattachote (non-ShiftLock) keyboard

Thai Pattachote keyboard

Turkish F keyboard

Turkish Q keyboard

Ukrainian keyboard

United Kingdom Extended keyboard

United Kingdom keyboard

United States-Dvorak for left hand keyboard

United States-Dvorak for right hand keyboard

United States-Dvorak keyboard

United States-International keyboard

Urdu keyboard

US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L keyboard

Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard

Vietnamese keyboard

Images and Backgrounds

Movie Maker

Music Samples

Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Active Directory Services

Communication tools

Connection Manager

Internet Connection Wizard

Internet Information Services (IIS)

MSMail and MAPI

MSN Explorer


NetShell Cmd-Tool

Network Setup Wizard

NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol

Outlook Express


Share Creation Wizard

Synchronization Manager

Windows Messenger

Administrator VB scripts

Auditing Resource Dlls

Color Schemes

Command-line tools

Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Disk and Profile Quota

Disk Cleanup

Document Templates

DR Watson

Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)

FAT to NTFS converter

File and Settings Wizard

Help and Support

Input Method Editor

Manual Install and Upgrade

MS Agent

Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

Remote Installation Services (RIS)

Search Assistant

Security Center

Service Pack Messages

Shell Media Handler

Symbolic Debugger (NTSD)


Web View


Application Layer Gateway

Error Reporting

Fax Service

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

Indexing Service


Network DDE

Performance Logs and Alerts

Protected Storage


Quality of Service (QoS)

Remote Registry

Removable Storage

Route Listening Service

RPC Locator

Secondary Logon

Service Advertising Protocol

Simple TCP/IP Services


System Restore Service


Terminal Services

Text Services Framework

Uninterruptible Power Supply


Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)





.NET Framework 3.5

Roguespear's "other" runtimes

QT Address Bar

(tweaked system settings)

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yes, treeview is exaclty what is missing, although I don't think there is an option in nLite (or a viable reason) to do this. If it helps, pressing "windows key + E" which usually brings up an explorer window, generates an error box that says "the parameter is incorrect". something else i noticed - in the "save as" dialog in microsoft office, if i click on the "my computer" tab, none of my drives show up.

the treeview isn't broken in all programs...winrar, for example, shows the treeview just fine.

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yes, treeview is exaclty what is missing, although I don't think there is an option in nLite (or a viable reason) to do this. If it helps, pressing "windows key + E" which usually brings up an explorer window, generates an error box that says "the parameter is incorrect".

That's the reason why I'm afraid to use it again.

I've used it before and removed files that I really don't need, but then had big problems with my Windows installation..Error here, error there, I said, wtf, will install the full version and then be happy..

I can only safely use it to integrate updates into my windows installation.. :crying_anim02:

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You removed a required DLL that handles treeviews.

Your best bet is like N1K said, format C: and reinstall from your original Windows cd. Unfortunately you've learned the hard way why every tech or pc expert with common sense will recommend that you avoid nLite/vLite. It strips out services and other necessary features in a very dangerous and malicious manner.

nLite/vLite is not needed, even in this day and age. Hard drives are more than large enough, and RAM is plentiful in size and affordable. A regular install of Windows works perfectly for every purpose needed.

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