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Vegetable Oil PC


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He's one crazy enthusiast, that's for sure, but why would I want to do that? :crying_anim02:

BTW, is it hard to change the video card now, do I have to change the oil :naughty:

LMAO. I would hate to change anything, that has to be messy as hell.I wonder how much cooler it keeps the system though.

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If anything, it will just even out the temperatures. Heat transfer would be quicker, but eventually, the net temperature would be the same. So realistically, devices that ran cooler would run hotter than before. It may actually accumulate the temperature and the temperature could rise (minimally at best though).

I certainly wouldn't do it. I think it would be easier to build yourself a mini refrigeration system. Maybe from the guts of a window shaker, just need to do a lot of welding lol

Stock air cooling is enough for a guy like me though. They wouldn't sell the stuff air cooled if it didn't work properly. The best you'll do is extend the chips life a bit, and already they last long o_O

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