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Hosting trouble!


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Hi guys and gals,

we have big problems ahead. As our site is rapidly rising, it makes a lot of traffic which consumes a lot of bandwidth and system resources on the hosting server.

Just for an example, our site is among other 90 sites at one server and we're currently taking 6 times more system resources than other sites together. Therefore, I was kindly asked to start searching for a new hosting company.

This time I'm not sure that we'll be accepted on a shared hosting since we have more than 5000-6000 unique visits a day and over 1,5 million pages a month.

Secondly, dedicated hosting is about 100$/month which is currently more than I could afford.

If any of you here has any suggestions or know how can we move on, please let us know.

We need about 100-150 Gigs of bandwidth and about 2 Gigs of free space on the server.

Thank You..

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