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I just got done setting up my Firefox to look like IE7 because lately I have really liked the look of IE7 and I felt Firefox is definitely lacking in the visuals department. So I thought that it would be a cool idea if others posted their firefox setup for others to see and get some ideas on custimization.


So, get posting :P

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N1K Posted Jun 21 2008, 02:06 AM


This fast dial extension looks cool, but you created custom images for it, right? Can you please share those images?

Image background in FastDial

The image must have your screen resolution width size, mine is 1024, smaller image will be tile, bigger image will be display, starting with the upper left of the image.

A perfect images bank for that is "Wallpapers", but you will probably have to modify the image !

Here the link of the original image (1280x1024) that I used http://physicalmagic.deviantart.com/art/Worldmap-40853439

So I re-scale the image to 1024 width, and to have the world map graphic to the right position, I cut the upper of the image.

Now, the images for the windows, the WinCert is the only image that I made for it, for the others I simply use dock icon Pngs, that you can find on websites like deviantArt, wincustomize, customXP (Png Factory), ...

With the Pngs with transparency, you can choose a different color background for each window.


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My beloved Firefox firefox.gif

I customize one Firefox theme and the Firefox extensions.

Made and host 2 webpages on my computer, the first one have the current moonphase and date scripts with the current Day & Night globe picture, and if I click on the picture, it load the second one who recreate the FastDial extension features !

Firefox_options_thumb.jpg Firefox_webpage_home_thumb.jpg Firefox_webpage_fastdial_thumb.jpg

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