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[Desktops] January 2008


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lets post those deskys folks :)

Few Guidelines this time

  1. You can submit multiple screenshots but you must pick ONE to enter into the competition, please specify which one you would like to officially enter if you decide to post multiple desktops
  2. DO NOT!! I repeat DO NOT post full size screen shots expecting them to be scaled down automatically, please use our image hosting partner http://www.kwikpiks.com/ or first scale down your screen shot down to a reasonable size for forum viewing, then link to your full size image.
  3. Hey NEW guideline please, if willing, post a link to your wallpaper also as the walls all seem to be pretty popular! Thanks!

Thanks everyone :)

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I use Objectdock LUZR4LIFE the Dock skin is Mac OS X Leopard By geminisama http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?lib...S%20X%20Leopard

Opus Black icons By pictoratus http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?lib...ch=opus%20black

wallpaper you can get here http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?lib...search=Alienish


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only things changed from last month are a few rocketdock icons, and of course the wallpaper. i may not have any widgets, gadgets, sidebars, etc...but then again this is what my task manager looks like:


EDIT: desknewpl1.th.jpg

^new screenshot...THIS is the one im entering in the contest. after some digging around, i found these 2 cool docklets for rocketdock. and since i didnt need the ugly taskbar anymore, i got rid of it!

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Only showing my desk, I don't enter into the desktop competition.

"Black Chrome" desktop... black is beautiful ! B)


I'm working on a Sidebar, just in case if sometime I want to use one.


Damn scrat that looks awesome and the sidebar too. Care to share ...What sidebar is that ??? It looks just awesome :)

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