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[CPL] Vista System Properties (Updated 08-05-07)


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Vista System Properties v1.8 Control Panel AddOn Created by ears1991


MD5: 32ED308091FACF4987108DA4320357DC

Size: 1.35




- Moved from "Other Control Panel Options" to the "Performance and Maintenence" Control Panel sub category.

- Improved Uninstall.

Windows Vista build 5472 style.

Thanks go to Word Life/eXign for the new glass he made for me :)


-Perfect replica of the Vista build 5472 system properties.

-Every button and link is fully functional.

-Actual system info from your pc (Processor, RAM, Computer name, Workgroup and PID)

-Customizable Windows Experience Index (After many suggestions i decided to add the feature)

To customize your experience index (rating) and set your computer's workgroup, the application needs you to input this information in your registry.

-Run regedit


-Right click SOFTWARE, and create a new key called Vista System Properties.

-Within this, create the following String Values.

-Rating (Set the value of this string to a number such as 1.5 for your Windows Experience Index (Rating))

-Workgroup (Set the value of this string to your workgroup name on your PC eg. MSHOME)

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