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Forum updated to latest version of IPB

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Forum updated to latest version of IPB..

Please report any issues here..


Bugs Fixed in IP.Board 2.3.4


Recursive cleaning values

Guest Options - view User Avatar

acp: css diff report

Marking Password Forum As Read

Total Disk Space

Personal Photos With Transparent Backgrounds: Latest Visitors Shows as Black BG

Long posts cause BBCode parsing to fail/hang

Pro Skin - Easy CSS Edit - Changes turn page white

Profiles: Dropdowns need wordwrapping

IP.Board Pro skin replying box multiply bugs

Profile Stats - Local Time

Smiley box looses focus

Logging into Admin CP counts as a failed login

Change to Full Editor from Quick Edit doesn't save Reason for Edit

Unlimited PMs w/ Secondary Member Groups issues

Subscription Expiration - Notification

Skin API Failfails when not loading admin queries

Wierd member names

0 as Member Title

Parse bug...

Javascript DST checking

Thumbnail Attachments

No thumbnail when thumbnails not generated


Moderators can't merge topics if they can't delete topics

Last Active (Anonymous) - Profile

Problem with posts (Linear+ mode)

"My Assistant" close message is wrong

Support Tab Links

Marked posts not working in 2.3.3 sometimes

Typo in subscription manager

Nested Foreach in templates

sprintf warning

Foreach in templates where the function takes in no arguments

ACP, bad grammar

Member does not have a Display Name

HTML enabled signatures not honored from ACP

Subscriptions not deleted if perm. is changed

Textarea Custom Profile Fields vs Registration Form

Lang in Resend validation email

Titles of protected topics are visible

ACP - Add Member

Rebuild thumbnails tool in the ACP

BB Code / PM bug?

IP.Board AdminCp ( IP.Converge Configuration)

Moderation Logs

$_SERVER['SHELL'] to $this->my_getenv('SHELL')

Missing quotes in ACP skindiff

ipb_member_sync - on_login isn't triggered when registering a new account

Expected Format misses entry of 0

$this->query_string_formatted... just take a look inside.

MulitMod MySQL5 Strict Mode error

Spelling typo in ACP

More Strict Mode errors

RSS Import threads seems to not shown as "unread" after creation

Today Active Topics Markers Problem

Average Posts per day

Board offline

Member advanced searching gives bad results

Move topic to the same category - no error message

Tools & Settings Misspelling

New post indicators not working properly.


Member search options ver. 2.3.2

Attachment limit, not fixed

Remove orphaned attachments!!!!!!!!

Over Attachment Limit

Change Display Name bug

Class_display.php php error

Thumbnails always being generated

IP.Board PRO skin possible bug

Quick reply parse URI encoding

Clickable Smilies

Just BBCode Problem

IP.Board Pro skin ,,My Friends,, window tabs bug

find members post missing thumbnaiils

Bug in Comment, Text Editor

last_visit not updated?

2 things in acp after upgrade

Subscription expired date is wrong.

Navigation Bar on View Topic History

Guest Posting

Empty feeds

Linear+ and Outline ware switched to Standard when you want to see Poll results

Security precation can cause valid text to get replaced

Mark all as Read fails on Main page

searching not working properly

Is this a bug?

XML-RPC User will not delete

[2.3.2] Missing unread-icons with "View New Posts"

Number of guests is shown wrongly IPB 2.3.2

Full and Update package discrepancies

Upgrade a user to root admin via acp

ACP main screen on a Converged board

MySQL Strict mode error

mysqli and alternate ports

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And forum has been upgraded again..

Here is the list of new features and bug fixes:

New Features

* My Blog and My Album links in profile dropdowns

* Ability to change the form action url for upload forms (useful for load-balancing setups)

* About Me/Signature tab in profiles

IP.Board 2.3.5 Fixed bugs list

* Inbox and Sent Items

* Storage Folders Not Sorted Alphabetically

* Settings with selecting root admin

* Small inconsistency with errors when adding moderators

* UCP Javascript Error

* ACP Smilie typo

* Removing country doesn't work(Profile)

* Full and Quick Edit - Reason for edit

* Invalid HTML output in ssi.php

* Typo in ssi_templates/news.html

* CAPTCHA - Click to get new image

* Personal Photo too large, incorrect error

* JS error on members' multicheck

* Css-Edits-Fail

* Virtual directories - no diacritics

* Add Setting Group Strict Mode error

* ACP dashboard: last logins

* Fatal error

* Post link generation in topics with invisible posts (for users who can't see invisible posts)

* Skin Tools: Update Members Skin Choice (MySQL5 Strict)

* Deleting comments ignores confirmation

* Member Sync: ACP password change

* Profile comment / friend notification's (PM / PM disabled)

* My assistant

* [ topic=800 ] values stripped

* Installer: prefix

* Mass pruning forums problem

* Loggin out of Admin CP

* Phrases in a template

* ACP Search Set-Up little typo


* Last Post info

* Not exactly a bug: A Typo

* Legends error

* Admincp Logs bug

* Strict mode adjustment

* Calendar RSS <ttl> issue

* Incorrect age

* New bug with DST patch, HTTPS URLs

* Ignored users on Outline topic view mode

* Poor documentation on adding PHP in template bits

* Fatal error sources/action_public/search.php (~221)

* Converged board - Password was too long

* Slow Portal Plugin MySQL Query (Last X Topics), creates very high load. (I am including my fix)

* Registration Error: Password lengths

* Help Topics Not using Help Topic Title in browser title

* forum jump not in session location

* Javascript error in downloaded topic containing attachments

* Duplicate entry in lang_profle

* PM Block List Bug

* Incorrect integer value, remove member photo

* Rating strict mode

* Topic Notifications - invalid notifications

If you encounter any issues regarding this update, please post a reply in this topic.


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