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Suggestions on choosing a University

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I just finished my High School and willing to get in a University. I have studied Business Studies in my High School and i am willing to do a Major in Accounting or any other good subject which are under Business Administration .

Now i am willing to do SAT & TOEFL this year and i need suggestions on how to get a good mark in these exams and are there any good free resources in the web which will help me in achieving a good result. Links of books or websites are welcome because books on these exams are not available here . The ones which are available here are not of Good quality.

Please suggest me which University should i choose and which country should i choose for my studies. It will be extremely helpful if you can suggest me of a University where i will be able to pay my tuition fees on my own by doing part time jobs .

I am waiting for your replies. :help:

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Many libraries (in USA) have study guides for those tests. Sometimes even DVD videos. Have you tried a library?

I don't know too much about international studies but I do know that a lot of foreign students attend this school: www.bellevue.edu

Not sure why...but they likely have a good/affordable program for foreign students.

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I wish I could help. I haven't gone to college yet. I went to a trade school down here for Electronics and Computer Technology called Everest Institute. It was 23,000 for a 18 month program. 9 months of Electronics and 9 months of Computer Technology. I plan 1 day to go to college but having a kid, I will be going to a local college like Wayne State or U of M here in Michigan for computer programing or something to do with computers.

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Thanks tain & LUZR4LIFE for your replies.

I see that i will not get much help from here about education .

tain i live in Asia not in USA. I don't have any problem going there but at first i need to get an acceptance from a University and then VISA. ^_^

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