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[AddOn] Media Center Plus Programs for XP


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I have downloaded the rar-file and extracted it (have now the ini, cat, dll, inf and cat-files).

But how can I install this addon now on my cmputer (WinXP SP2) ?

greatings from Austria


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Well, there's no real way to do this. You have to use RyanVM Integrator or nLite (both free) softwares to integrate it as an addon in a Windows installation source, and then burn it onto a CD or DVD. This means you have to install a new copy of XP, from a CD/DVD with this integrated. Simply run nLite, browse to your folder where your Windows files are located on your hard drive, in the next screen select 'Hotfixes, Addons, and Update Packs' and 'Bootable ISO' (and something more if you want to toy around). Drag the archive in, the 'Hotfixes, Addons and Update Packs' page, click next, choose direct burn, enter a blank CD/DVD (if you add only this one addon, a CD will be enough) and burn it.

Hope that helps ;)

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