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WinCert.net is back online!


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I'm glad to say that we are finally back online!

I would like to apologize to our members and visitors for WinCert.net downtime which lasted more than 2 days.

Some of you are probably wondering what's the reason of this downtime, so I've decided to make this post..

Most of you already know that WinCert.net had Joomla CMS and IPB forum installed and bridged by BBPixel script.

Several months ago, we had a huge traffic jump (more than 1 million pages a day) and a lot of PHP requests which was the reason of Hosting Server crash.

From that day everything seemed normal, until couple of days ago when server crashed again and it looked like the same issue as before.

We suspected mostly on Joomla v.1.0.14 version. I wonder why a major security release v1.0.15 was released today??

Anyway, forum is now online and you can enjoy it again. Frontpage will be new and will look similar to the new forum skin (which still needs to be finished).

I'm also announcing Turkish part of WinCert.net forum which will be maintained by our faithful member MrNxDmX! Also Happy Birthday matey!

If you experience any problems with the forum, please reply here as soon as possible so we can fix it.

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But will you use Joomla again in homepage ... actually it was a fantastic homepage mate :yes:

Yes I will, it will have similar look and the same header as the forum page, but we're currently adopting the skin for use with Joomla 1.5.1

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