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[AddOn] Vista Desktop Gadgets


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gadgetscustomzj9.png rvmmarkks4.png<--The Watermark is Editable

Vista Desktop Gadgets by ears1991


Website: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39795737/

MD5: 38E01CBC3799B636ADB583B765E680A4

Size: 1.96 MB

Note: Places Shortcuts in Start->All Programs->Utilities, Only the Build Tag is set to AutoStart, Also you can drag and drop the Build Tag anywhere on the Destop and it will remember its possition.

Build Tag Edit Instructions: No need to uncompress the addon just open it in winrar and edit the "Build String" and "Build Tag" RegEntries in Gadgets.inf to whatever you want, now Save and WinRAR will ask you if you wish to save also, Say YES and you are done, Your own personalized Build Tag.

Vista Desktop Gadgets

By Chris Kennedy ~ ears1991

A pack of 3 simple desktop gadgets of 128px icons for people that like massive desktop icons

Includes a build tag service like none other that was unreleased until now...


-Build Tag - A replica of the build tag in windows vista. You may think it has been done before but can those ones be changed?

-Hard Drive - Monitors Hard Drive free space and doubles up as a shortcut to your C drive

-My Documents - A desktop icon that you can use as a shortcut to your documents

-Recycle Bin - A working recycle bin and is also a shortcut to the folder

Build Tag Readme:

To change the Build Tag/String navigate to:


In the registry and create a key called "Vista Build Tag Service" and within it, create String Values of "Build String" and "Build Tag"

Right click these String Values and set them to whatever build tag/string you wish (Build Tag is set as the one on top eg. Windows Vista RC 1 and Build String is the longer bit)

You can move the Build Tag around freeley and the application will remember where you last had it.


Chris ~ ears1991

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