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Uninstall question?

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I'm working on a addon that saves its settings and such in

C:\Documents and Settings\Reapers\Application Data\Program Name\

Question I have is when creating a uninstallable addon, how would I

make the addon uninstall that particular part.....

Because not everyone has C:\ as their main drive, and of course there username

would be different also.......

Any help would be appreciated...

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OK pretty easy, in your [uninstall] section in the DelFiles directive you add a new section name (anything) example

DelFiles=Example.Other.Sections,New.Section;<-Add it here

Now create it and under the [New.Section] you add a list of those files you want deleted (the one that the program creates)


Now you have to add the New.Section=LDID(,SubDir) to [DestinationDirs] so the INF will know where the files are, so go so look for the LDID of the %UserProfile%\Application Data

Here is the LDID (number) for that folder

16410 %userprofile%\Application Data

So it will go like this

Example.Section=16422,"Program Name"
New.Section =16410,"Program Name";<-This is the DelFiles destination dir

The folder where all the old filenames exist must be defined in a DestinationDirs section as shown in the

above example.

Post your INF when you think you are done maybe we can have a look at it

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This brings up another question....

The program creates the config file in the directory like I said before.....


The file is named like this....


So it names the config file after the username that is being used.....

So how would you allow for this....?

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OK in your uninstall section try something like this (this will delete all the files not matter what they are in a directory)

RunPostSetupCommands=RunPostSetup.SectionName ;<- You can name this whatever you want

RUNDLL32 advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 %16410%\%Program Name%,8

You can change the flag (8) to do different things

1  // delete the directory only if it's empty
2 // don't delete any sub-dirs; delete only the files
4 // don't delete the dir itself
8 // delete UNC [network] paths ;This deletes both the files, sub dirs and the folder itself

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