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[YAY!] Alky for Applications 1.1 is out


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Alky for Applications 1.0 -> 1.1 changes

- memory corruption-related bug fixes
- GetVersionA API now returns Windows Vista version numbers

- XTaskDialog 1.06 implemented (http://www.naughter.com/xtaskdialog.html)
This resolves crashing found in applications such as Solitaire and mspaint.
This also enables proper uninstallation of Windows Sidebar gadgets.

- Various bug fixes

- Fixed NLSAPI installation bug on 64-bit platforms.
- Fixed NLSAPI uninstallation bug
- Added Sidebar post-KB943411 hack to installer

- Additional API added for future Windows 7 work
- New versioning text on all libraries (e.g. alky_1.1_trunk_032308-000051)

Thank You Rafael albert.gif

BTW I will soon post the new AddOn (tonight or tomorrow)

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Excellent work! Finally got those vista apps working!!!!

Edit: I spoke too soon, Vista Paint placed in system32 folder as a replacement doesn't open any images, you have to drag and drop them...

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