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[AddOn] Rainlendar2 Calendar


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ricktendo64, i would like some advice

so, i've been trying to create my own addon for Rainlendar v2.4 and i have run into a few snags.

1) how do you create an empty directory - from looking at your addon for v2.1, you use a runonce routine to that references the INF file again and executes a section that then executes a simple mkdir command - i get it. so why do you have to do it this way? why can't you insert the RunPostSetupCommands=Empty.Locale:1 command into the Rainlendar section and forego the need of the runonce routine. i tried it, it doesn't work but i don't know why it doesn't work

2) the settings file rainlendar2.ini are stored in %USERPROFILE%\.rainlendar2 - this is a double whammy - working with directories have names that start with a "." are an issue AND trying to get any sort of a directory into %USERPROFILE% or dirid 16424 seems to be impossible - any suggestions you might would be very helpful

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RunPostSetupCommands only works if you launch the inf section using advpack.dll

You could use registerdlls (as a bonus it will hide the cmd window also)


11,,cmd.exe,,,"/c md ""%16422%\Path"""

Ricktendo64, many thanks for the information, that and your suggestion helped immensely, now i just have to figure out how to get it posted for other peope's use. again, many thx, bfrg

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