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How To Block BF2142 Ads


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If you run bf2142 along side software like TDImon free TCP/UDP monitor, http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/TdiMon.html, you will find that one of the remote connections that BF2142.exe uses is to

If you go to NetworkSolutions and WHOIS the IP Address you will get:

WHOIS Record For

Record Type: IP Address

IGA Technologies, LLC RSPC-68993-1122139655 (NET-72-3-184-144-1) -

IGA is IGA Worldwide and they handle the ads.


Possible solutions is to block port 17475 or better yet block ip address range -

I did and the game ran find. Please note that they maybe using other ports and ip addresses so in the upcoming days I'll do more testing.

In other news, EA has posted a solution to the message boards detailing a method of "unlocking your unlocks":

We have identified an issue in-game where your rank may not update immediately after earning the requisite number of points. If your account is not properly ranking up in Battlefield 2142, you may want to try moving to another ranked server in order for your account to update. Once you score a point on the new ranked server, the account should automatically update to the new rank. If your account is missing more than one rank, each additional point scored will update your account to the next rank earned.

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