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Messenger Plus! True AddOn ITA


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Ragazzi ecco come true addon anche MessengerPlus!, ecco il link


tabdownload.png Updated (Apr 29-2008)

Hash MD5: 79A31CB5B1CECAD04C3E934680B8E806

filesize: 2.69 MB

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Hi Detay, not and in Italian


And all is ok, just change this in file msgplus.inf

HKCU,"AppEvents\EventLabels\MSNMSGR_ContactOnline",,0x0,"Contatto in linea"
HKCU,"AppEvents\EventLabels\MSNMSGR_NewAlert",,0x0,"Nuovo avviso"
HKCU,"AppEvents\EventLabels\MSNMSGR_NewMail",,0x0,"Nuova posta"
HKCU,"AppEvents\EventLabels\MSNMSGR_NewMessage",,0x0,"Nuovo messaggio"
HKCU,"AppEvents\EventLabels\MSNMSGR_NewSMSMessage",,0x0,"Nuovo messaggio a cellulare"

HKCU,"Software\Patchou\MsgPlus2","LanguageFile",0x0,"Lang_Italiano.ini" ;Lang_Turkce.ini

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Patchou\MsgPlus2","DefLanguageFile",0x0,"Lang_Italiano.ini" ;Lang_Turkce.ini

Title =%PROG_NAME% Uninstaller
Prompt =Sei siguro di rimuovere questo programma %PROG_NAME% dal vostro computer?

Prompt=Il programma %PROG_NAME% e stato rimosso con successo dal vostro computer.

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