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[Release] Siginet's Windows 2003 Post-SP2 Critical UpdatePack


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Here is my second of many UpdatePacks. ;)

I have decided to release my own line of "Critical" UpdatePacks. Containing only Critical Updates (For The Most Part). The only Updates in this pack that are not Critical Updates are QFECheck.

You can download it here:

Siginet's Windows 2003 Server Post-SP2 "Critical" UpdatePack

I will try to update it just after every Patch Tuesday.

Also Available:

Siginet's Windows XP Post-SP2 "Critical" UpdatePack

comming soon:

Windows XP / 2003 x64 Critical UpdatePack.

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Great job Siginet! i'm looking forward to your x64 flavor. :)

Thank you mate. ;)

Yeah I am having some issues making the x64 versions. :( I may post my working version soon. But it will have issues and I'll need some help to fix the bugs. Unless I can figure it out. I'm getting the dredded framedyn.dll and srclient.dll error. I may start integrating each hotfix one by one to find out which one is the issue.

Please... if you use my updatepacks let me know your experiances. Good or bad. ;) So far I have found 1 person who has gotten minor errors in a virtual environment... but I haven't been able to recreate his problem. So I need to determin if it is a problem or if it is an error with his iso.

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