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IPB SEO was guilty for server downtime


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Dear all,

as I wanted to improve our rank in the search engines, along with giving us better experience with browsing the forums and searching what we need, I've decided to implement SEO for IPB, or in long Search Engine Optimization!

More can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

The installation itself was a 3 step process.

1. I've uploaded all of the files from "upload" folder to my server preserving the folder structure.

2. I've installed CommunitySEO module as I was instructed to (Sucesfully installed)

After that I've browsed a bit in admin cp and was checking the SEO options and possibilities, not touching anything yet..

3. I've edited all of the required IPB files locally and then uploaded them to the server. (This is where the problems started).

I got server timeouts through FTP or HTTP access and the site was down. WinCert.net is located on a semi-dedicated server with 8x Intel Xeon CPU E5430 @ 2.66 GHz with 4 Gigs of RAM. Our host said that some SEO script knocked down the whole RAM usage (4GB) and server was knocked-out! Each time the server started and someone visited the OFFLINE forum page, we were in trouble.

As I suspected, the problem was in one or more edited files. As soon as I uploaded original (backuped) files back to the server, everything resumed to normal.

Now the server is running smoothly as before, but without SEO (still need to upload edited files from IPB).

As we're trying to figure out what's the cause of this issue, they may be a small downtimes in the near future, although we'll probably test it on some other server.

Until we successfully install the SEO module on WinCert.net, I ask you to be patient.

WinCert.net Administration Team.

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Well at least the downtime was not for very long right.


It would be shorter if John was around, but I couldn't contact him, that's why it took so long to fix it. Next time we'll do this together, so no worries :)

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We'll always be patient my master :)

The downtime wasnt much, and i'm happy to be here again :)

Smeels like home :P


Thx mate,

btw, please inform Turkish members about this in the Turkish part of the forum :)

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IPB has terrible SEO problems. The use of SEO is the direct and indirect cause of many IPB issues.

Before I bought this module I asked xper about it since he's using it, and he said that it's working without any issues. :angry:

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A few that I recall that were common were things like going to the last read post and several common functions relating to that. I'd have to check the MSFN forum area for other issues though.

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Hello N1K ... it has been a while since last time been here. Regarding the topic you are talking about here I'd like to state that I am running a website but I wa taking too much care for what forum software to be used, which themes, which MODs, which settings, ....etc and so and according to my little or small poor experience in this area I can tell that it does not matter which forum software, which mods, which seo, ...etc and it is all about contents, believe me I've goggled a lot regarding this seo issue and found that it is really not that important but it is all about CONTENTS and again CONTENTS, and also I have and must tell you that my friend that you are really did an outstanding job for WinCert (I like the place a lot, and please keep up the good work). So u may ask why I am posting such a topic ... Just to tell that seo is not a matter at all and again it is all about contnets, because contents are the key to let people come back over and over again, also I think (not my opinion only, but according to experienced members from inivion modding like mohamed the programer because he is a good friend of mine) using the default forum software will always be the best choice cause this way you will not worry about any thing goes wrong or any upgrading issue.

Sorry for poor English but I hope you got the point.

Best Regards ^_^

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