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[HELP] My Vista Screen Resolusion


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Hey guys I recently decided to see how Vista ran on my PC, I only have one problem... My monitor driver (under XP) could go up to 1152x864

But now under Vista (with the same drivers installed) I can only achieve 1024x768 (you can see what monitor I have in my sig)

Does anybody know of a program that runs on Vista that can force set it to a higher rez?


BTW this is my first time trying Vista and I think I like it, it runs very smooth on my PC and it only has 512 MB of RAM ATM :P

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Newer isn't always better. Found that out the hardware with iPod firmware and mp3 player firmware. I don't update until I know it's for a good cause. Unfortunately, it's hard to find out every little thing. At least with driver's it's not like you can brick your computer though.

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When i connect my laptop to my 20' LCD Display, i can't go above 1024x768. Realy.. i don't Know why, and in my Destop PC now im using 1680 x 1050 in the same monitor..
This is probably due to your monitor/lcd drivers are not installed
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