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[Help] All text has a - in it


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I was working on vmware on my real os, windows xp sp2 pro turkish edition. And suddenly this happened:


I couldnt sace my files and restart computer yet. Computer is running fine right now with that issue :(

Any ideas about this? What may have caused this?

I have 1gig ram installed, and currently 790mb is used. CPU consuming is normal.

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LOL never seen something like this? :blink: Even your clock is strike out?

Could be some app running in background that caused this strange "thing",anything strange happen just before this happen? I really don't know.... :(

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Lol Gorki :) He suggests me to chect the font type i'm using.

Thanks for posts mates.

My system crashed 3 days ago. The windows/system32/drivers directory was corrupt, and i couldnt run chkdsk on that disk, even wth a live boot disk (a system that runs on cd).

Then i made a repair install, i wished that things would be ok then. But after that install the system32/driver directory got corrupt too. And then, after hours of backup work with the help of live cd, i formatted the drive and installed windows 2008. Everything seems ok for now, especially with aero and dreamscene, lol :P

Sull, yeah its a mssstyles theme, but i cant find it now, as i'm on win2008. I'll build a vmware install for xp tomorrow, and i'll find that theme for you.

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