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weird theming/icon problem, anyone else ever had this happen to them?

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ok, this one is weird...whenever i highlight icons, a certain portion of them turns this ugly green color. it does this regardless of the color of the file's icon. im almost positive the problem is rooted in something stylexp did to my uxtheme.dll file: i compared file hashes from the uxtheme i have now and the one on my XP install disk and they dont match up. also the one on my disk is almost twice the size.

i tried going into safe mode and overwriting the uxtheme file with the one on my install disk, but after rebooting explorer refuses to start...says it cant even find uxtheme.dll. any ideas??

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nope, still there :(

the only thing that was unchecked before i made the change was "use common tasks in folders". if it helps, i noticed that the problem goes away if i go to "display properties --> appearance --> advanced --> selected items" and change this color back to the default theme value. BUT i used to be able to change this color without the icons screwing up.

this is really starting to frustrate me...

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