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Speed up CCleaner with this usefull Tip


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Is CCleaner a bit slow for you?

I mean, mine used to take roughly 0.100 seconds to do a scan when there wasn't much to find (!!!). Can't be doing sitting around waiting for that.

So, wander over to your programmes folder, find the CCleaner folder and find the file winapp.ini

In here are the references that CCleaner uses to hunt for junk files. Now, this hunts through multiple locations for Office (XP, 2003, etc) multiple version of Acrobat Reader (6.0 7.0 etc) and software I don't use. So, go through the file, and delete references to any software that you don't have. Save.

Now, when I run CCleaner, a search takes 0.075 seconds! I've sheared off 0.025 seconds! Now, if that isn't efficient I don't know what is...

Scheeze... not sure what's sadder, that I found this out, that I wrote it up here, or that some of you will probably implement this "tweak" :P


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@ricktendo: try this...i made a batch file that automatically runs crap cleaner and mru-blaster silently in the background. just create a shortcut to the batch file and double-click it. All you'll see is a command window showing you that CCleaner/MRU-Blaster are still working, but you can setup the shortcut to minimize this window too.

@echo off

TITLE Paranoia

echo Paranoia: Temporary File Killer

echo =================================


cd C:\Program Files (x86)\MRU-Blaster\

mrublaster.exe -silent

echo -Working...


cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Crap Cleaner\

ccleaner.exe /AUTO

echo -Done!


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