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DOTNETAIO AddOn causing slow process starting?


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I've been trying to troubleshoot an annoying problem I've been having for awhile now and I finally have it narrowed down. The DOTNETAIO addon is causing a problem after install where the processes won't start up in a timely manner. It takes 2-3 minutes for them to load. If I don't add the addon everything works fine except one of my other addons causes an install error from .net not being installed.

Here is a list of my addons....








.... and after those are added with nlite I run V'ISO_b8.2.1.exe.

Can anyone tell me which of the above addons would cause an "InstallUtil.exe" error from .net not being installed? Does anyone know why the DOTNETAIO addon is causing this problem? This is all done on a SP3 slipstream BTW.


EDIT: OK, I found that it is the ToolTipFixer that uses the .net InstallUtil.exe. Now I just need to find out if its the ToolTipFixer that's causing the problem or DOTNETAIO.

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Well it seems that it is the DOTNETAIO addon that is causing the problem. The processes start fast without it installed. Has anyone else had any problems with the DOTNETAIO addon and SP3?

EDIT: I just wanted to report that installation of .net framework through windows update works perfectly fine. I would really like to know if anyone else has had this issue or if it has something to do with the order of hotfixes/addons in nlite.

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Well I know I tried to use .NET AIO a long time ago and I had issues, thing is I cant remember what they were, now kel convinced me to use AIO again.

I do not know if my problems are releated to .NET AIO

anything in taskbar that loads at startup will load extremely slow.

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