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Black Viper SP3 updates


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Black Viper, http://www.blackviper.com/ has updated the following for XP SP3:

Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 3 Service Configurations by Black Viper.htm

Strange Services Information.htm

Super Tweaks for Windows XP by Black Viper.htm

These are recent postings and are still a work in progess. Information provided could be useful to those needing more information on what's going on in the background. :P

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I'm confused.

Tarun, you say:

Sure fire way to mess up your computer and baffle you in the future if you try to change or add things.
Isn't that what most, if not all of the addons and switchless installers do? Not to mention nLite. If we're not going to change or add things, what's the point of this site? We should just take what Microsoft gives us, and we pay dearly for, and be done with it.

And N1K, you say

one more post like this and you'll be banned
I don't understand your reaction, unless maybe there was something deleted from ChiefZeke's post that I'm not aware of. All that I can see that he did was refer the forum readers to a site whose main purpose seems to be one of explaining settings that are built in to the operating system in such a way that are more understandable, and suggesting his opinions as to which settings are appropriate for what purpose. Settings that are fully able to be reverted to their default values if any problems are discovered. If only problems with addons were as easily corrected. You want to ban ChiefZeke for passing along the location of information? And his post was made a month ago. Why did you and Tarun respond now? I'm just baffled.

Maybe there has been some kind of interaction between the three of you that I don't know about. But I do know that several of this forum's members and contributors do think highly of Black Viper's stuff. I believe that both RogueSpear and RyanVM have also expressed their favorable opinion of him.

I have always appreciated the valuable information, addons etc. available here at WinCert, and I'm really not trying to criticize anyone here, but I am trying to understand. I'm also appreciative when anyone steers me away from any site that has inappropriate, incorrect, or dangerous material. I am very sincerely not trying to provoke an argument of any kind, but can the two of you please calmly explain more fully the reason for your responses to ChiefZeke so that I can be more enlightened? You both must know a lot more than I do about Black Viper and his site, and I would really like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers and regards.

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I don't have anything against Black Viper Site or ChiefZeke, but only one post from him which links to some other site is considered advertising which is strictly forbidden on this board. Don't take this as an offense, but who are you mate? I haven't noticed you around considering you've registered couple of months ago and you're now acting like an alliance on the Romulan - Klingon border. :)

You said that you've always appreciated the valuable information, addons etc. available here at WinCert, but I don't see you've contributed or helped this community in any way to be able to advertise other sites.

I'm sorry, I probably woke up on the wrong foot, but sometimes I feel a bit hostile towards the people or should I say advertisers?

BTW, I haven't noticed that Black Viper mentioned WinCert.net somewhere, anywhere on his site, am I right? So why should I approve posts that links to his site from a member that's just a lurker? :g:

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Thanks for your responses Kel, rick, and N1k, and I'm sorry that I didn't realize that Chief's post was defined as spamming in the rules. I had assumed advertising meant regarding your own site. As such I was totally wrong and you had every right to have nuked the whole thread. That'll teach me not to read all the rules before I post. Every site says to do that, but let's be honest, how many of us do? I guess since Chief had posted this exact same post at both RyanVM's and RogueSpear's forums and the info was well received there, I was just caught off guard by the reaction here.

I agree, N1k, that the post was advertising, since the post at RogueSpear's was how I discovered BV's site. But I find the best way to discover new sites is to have them recommended by other sites I respect. I first found out about WinCert at MSFN where I also discovered Ryan's and RS's sites. Speaking of MSFN, I noticed that Tarun had similar things to say about BV there, but I'll leave that for another time.

As far as my posts, there's always a first one on each site, right? (I guess I made an impression, huh? LOL) Surely you realize that many of the addons and switcheless installers are posted on multiple sites, right? I admit I've been much more active over at RS's and Ryan's, where I think I've interacted with both rick and Kel, but like MSFN, WinCert is so huge with so much valuable info, sometimes it seems overwhelming. I was a total lurker at all the sites for quite a while before joining anywhere. I've tried to add my comments to help others when I could, but I admit most of my comments were questions. I was originally in the industry many years ago, before DOS originally, much less Windows (Bill Gates and I are the same age and Basic, Fortran and Assembler were my first languages :blush: ) but got out of it and am just now trying to catch up on things. It'll probably be a little while before I feel confident enough in my abilities to contribute any addons or such. I just know enough to be dangerous, ask some questions, and occasionally catch a goof. Thanks in advance for your patience. Am I forgiven?

Cheers and regards.

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Don't ask such questions, off course you're forgiven and I'm glad we've sorted this out.

I don't agree with Tarun's standing on Black Viper either and I've reacted like this because I haven't noticed this topic when it was created :( (My fault).

Anyway, the most important thing is that we've sorted this out and that we're "cool" now ;)

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N1K this is very useful info/news IMHO. BV is a world famous site and I'm pretty sure does not need ChiefZeke to promote it.

I know that Rick, but however this site is good or bad it IS advertising. We can't just blame people for advertising who post links to sites that we never heard of :D

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Glad we're cool. Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I had misread your original post and misinterpreted it as against BV rather than against advertising his site. Totally my fault, you were absolutely correct to have warned Chief.

Looking forward to more productive interactions in the future.

Cheers and regards.

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I can vouch for blackvipers site too. :) It does have some great info on it. The creator has also apeared on Tech TV a long time ago.

I can understand how N1K would see the post as spam though. Nowadays there are bots that post links on sites that us Admins/Moderators have to delete constantly. :( So it is understandable when you see a user who posts a link as the first post to be mistaken for spam. I don't agree the link is spam though... because it does fit what this board is for. Allthough every board has their own rules and they should be treated with respect. On my small forum I think I have a setting on it that new members can't post links in their first post. ChiefZeke has frequented on Ryans board. I know that doesn't have anything to do with here. I just want to help ensure that he meant no harm. :)

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I had posted for the first time on BV's forum manly for posting my tweak which is now part of the addon "preset services and descriptions"

and I really wanted to make him aware of it so he will first, consider using this method with the files he distributes and also how to ease up the task of creating them ..

it turns out the tweak is easier then easy to work with concerning getting all hardware profiles to become ...

i had posted a link to the addon yesterday which links to the addon posted here on wincert. and linked a 1 stand alone inf for for reference ...

and i got the same response from a member telling me I'm a possible spammer blah blah

and too was surprised by his response but i immediately forgave him since i can understand how it probably felt for him

as it turned out he liked what he saw :) but wasn't too sure about how the welcome should take place

later jumped no else but bphlpt into the rescue putting some good words towards me fully backing me up !

so i can say the same for bphlpt ...thanks m8

BV finally took hold of the thread cleaned it up! and gave me room to speak ... and its now under xp services sub forum .. ;)

turns out that the first reply to this kind of #1 post can create very bad influence which gets others automatically tens and bugged for nothing ,so try to remember that! and be cool no matter whats getting posted ... ;)

Edited by ENU_user
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I don't agree the link is spam though... because it does fit what this board is for.

If I was sure that this was spam or advertising, I would delete the topic at once, but as you can see it's still here :), just because I know about and I, although rarely, visit BV's site too.

I just don't understand what was the purpose of ChiefZeke's registration on this forums, just to post one topic about the forum everyone knows about and is more popular than WinCert.net. After his post, he vanished and he never posted anything afterwards. So what would you guys say if he put a link to www.givemesexofmylife.com in his first post, wouldn't you react similar as I did?

Anyway, I'm glad we sorted this out and with our discussion, we brought even more attention to this topic which (if you haven't noticed) I haven't deleted :D.

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Why you want to be a registred member on a website ?

Because you want to join the community of the site, and interact with the other members, and make new friends !

It usually start with a post saying "Hello" and presenting yourself....

I think that is just the expectation of N1K here !

If you don't, why you bother yourself to register on a website... ah yes, propably to make a post to advertising something !

This is my two cents...


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