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[HELP] to change colour taskmgr.exe french xp sp3

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I've made an autoit script, and it works as well with the Italian taskmgr.exe. If you want to try it, just put in the same folder taskmgr.exe and this executable and then run it. That's it!

Note: Automatically it applies icons, bitmaps* and PEChecksum.


md5: B260A4D79A6B41EDBF9992C1EE6D90B1

filesize: 1,1 MB

*Edit: now it preserves local numbers of resources

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Nice work indeed!

I've been struggling to do that via ResHacker but i've encountered some errors, dunno why maybe due to my idiocity.

That was what i intended to say if it worked. :(

Unfortunately this one still gives the same error, the CPU Usage part in this one too is not being displayed as it is in my case. Maybe it's due to the Turkish taskmgr.exe

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Thanks MrNxDmX, yours is working just great.

Kontini i just don't know why it didn't work with mine, it just doesn't display the CPU Usage part.

I don't know if it has something to do with me, i assume not.


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