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[Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

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Ok I had a thought I want to add nero infotool to this but it is a meg in size. does anyone mind?

No objections on my part.

I moved to DVD some time ago already (all those DriverPacks became way too huge plus these countless AddOns) so it doesn't really materr size-wise.

I do consider it a good addition to the CD/DVD Speed AddOn, however :)

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Hi Kel,

Thanks for this, it's awesome!

Quick question, I'm seeing a whole list of items under the heading "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" in the Device Manager. Ordinarily I'd suspect a driver issue, but the items under the heading have titles such as:

E-mu Plug-in architecture driver

There's about 20 more items.

None of them have a HWID (Hardware ID) associated with them, so they are not chunks of hardware with no driver, they are all software pieces used by the OS.

Is this related to this addon? This heading doesn't exist on my current install which doesn't include this addon.

Any idea?

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