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[Themes] Kel's Ultimate Visual Styles Pack

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I'm no expert, but I'm with Kel, at least from my experience. For example, with Freedb, I downloaded the 3GB offline file, and it just won't unzip for the life of me. It for some reason can't handle the size, and I read somewhere that one could run into this problem and there's a way to fix it, but I haven't found it.

Some of the themes seem to be duplicates. Not by name, but visually there's nothing special about a few of them. Gonna try and pack the one's I reeally like up and give it a go from there.

Did you ever think of updating these Kel (like with packs that change the icons, fonts, etc.)?

BTW is there a theme/add-on pack out there that changes the icons to Vista? I could've sworn Ricktendo had one a while back?

Thanks ;)

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I'm no expert, but I'm with Kel, at least from my experience. For example, with Freedb, I downloaded the 3GB offline file, and it just won't unzip for the life of me.

This is almost certainly not decompressor related, as the FreeDB archives come from a Unix FS. Have you read their FAQ? Here's the relevant section:


In any case, Kel's comment, as I understand it, refers to compressing the files.

About 7-Zip, the only problem I'd expect might arise with sane archives (I'd expect anything to overflow if, say, dealing with millions of files) is insufficient memory: please note the memory requirements listed for compression and decompression as you select the compression options. Note that diminishing returns set in pretty quickly for most types of data, so it usually isn't economical to select the highest options anyway.

Frankly, my concern regarding this potential issue exceeds saving a few mebibytes and transcends open- vs. closed-source feuds. At least from my PoV: I've been archiving a lot of data into multi-volume 7z archives with .PAR recovery data and I would like to know if some of that data is potentially lost.

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Thank you for the clarification.

I assume you got an out-of-memory (or an error of some sort, at any rate) when compressing? I.E. Not a silent failure. => My archives are (probably) OK!

Sorry if I'm a bit single minded, here...


To get back on topic, I successfully re-compressed the visual style packs here with decent space saving. Certainly not worth the effort on its own, to be sure, but something to keep in mind if you ever refresh/update any of them, Kel.

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Thanks AAA, that's where I saw it... but it didn't solve my problem, maybe i'm just daft :P

I have XP/NFTS - so you're saying get away form 7-Zip and I need bzip2 to extract the database?

It's wierd because once I was able to extract it using 7-Zip, but it was HUGE, so I got rid of it.

Sorry Kel, off-topic ;)

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Hiya Kel,

Quick question, which if you can't answer, maybe you can point me to it: I would just want one theme (ok, my wife wants it) VS7 as an add-on. How would I unpack it, kill the rest/entries and re-pack it using 7-zip? I'm quite happy with the Vista Inspirat Pack.

Thanks, hope it's not too duh of a question :blink:

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I have downloaded these files with firefox on XP and wget on a linux desktop. I am getting totally different MD5sum's than what is listed on the forum for part1 and part3, but the same md5sum values on linux and XP after download. Can someone verify they need new md5sums defined. This is what I get...





part2 comes out correct...



If it is just my connection let me know, I have done this about 4 times a file....



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I was just wondering is there a reason you just dropped the really awesome wallpaper by WolfX2 out of the Midnight style, or is my slipstream just messing up? Or do you have a wallpaper pack you recomend?

Thanks again for all these awesome styles!!!


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I did get the current Midnight v1.8, so no need to post it here. Thanks for the offer though!

I also checked out wolfX2's site pretty nice guy it looks like.

If I load both the your fav's and the Midnight am I just going to get double the entries?

I have not tested it out in a VMware instance yet, so just asking.

I will probably test it out after I finish up building a friends pc with the new image I am

throwing together, but not till next week.

Thanks for all the cool stuff you have built over the years,

my tastes appear to run heavily down the same direction, since I am using so much more of your

stuff than others.

Hope you are having a great week, talk to you later!


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do we use all packages at he same time (5 package all together)

you can use all of them together

or use every one alone

they are not connected

i hope that i helped

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