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Booting problems

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Hello all!

I got a little problem.

I have this desktop machine, and my CD/DVD drive is a USB one. I can see it and the harddisks in BIOS options, but when I try to boot into system, or try to boot from an XP CD (which I has tested on another computer, and it worked well) and I have tried with another older XP cd.

Every time I try to boot from an XP CD it says that I should reboot my system and connect a right bootable device. When I try to boot from harddisk which already has XP installed on it, it says that some nddr thing is missing and that I shouls press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot. I thought it was my motherboard because sometimes my computer was turning off, so I bought a new one today, but the same thing (can't boot) happens with this one too. I've tried many different harddisk and still same thing (both SATA and IDE).

And btw, when I insert the motherboard driver CD, it boot without problems.

I hope you can help me on this one guys. :D:)

ANY help is appreciated.

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Very strange, I first suspected on the MBO BIOS but since you told us that you bought a new MBO, that's a different story now..

Can you aquire another USB DVD-ROM device, or even try with internal one?

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Believe it or not, sometimes memory modules or dust on memory modules can cause these conditions.. ^_^

Thanks for the reply mate :)

I've borrowed an internal one already, so I'll try it soon.

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