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[Theme] Kel's Midnight v1.8

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I got really inspired by the Zune theme. So I made a varation of it!


Fixed the wallaper issue

4 Wallpapers by WolfX2

4 alternate wallpapers by RaGhul

Added 4 actual theme files

Re-organized the msstyles file

Added in the highspins cursor Pack!


WolfX2 made 4 nice wallpapers to go with this theme!

Green, Blue, Grey and Pink


RaGhul made 4 alternate wallpapers to go with this!

Green, Blue, Grey and Pink


5 Colors each with a compact version for a total of 10 choices!

Full shellstyles for all of them.

Download here! www.wpiw.net/downloads/Themes_Kels_Midnight_Addon_1.8.cab

Size - 1.01 megs MD5Hash = 23AEBF8F657E244923A6CF42DD45AB0D

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