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Windows XP Windows XP Secrets

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These options are used with the Windows XP setup WINNT32.EXE program and change the way Windows can be installed.

/checkupgradeonly Check the existing OS for compatibility with XP (but does not install)

/cmd:command_line Executes command after GUI mode of setup completes, but before the reboot.

/cmdcons Show the Recovery Console option to repair a failed installation.

/copydir:folder Creates a subdirectory named "folder" below the XP directory

/copysource:folder Copies source files to local directory "folder"

/debug[level][:filename] Write a debug log to filename for warning levels. Level 0=severe errors, 1=errors, 2=warnings, 3=information, 4=detailed info for debugging. Default level is 2, and default filename is winnt32.log in the default Windows directory.

/dudisable Disable dynamic update, so only the original setup files are used.

/makelocalsource Copy all setup and installation files to the hard disk to run the installation from the hard disk rather than the CD (if CD is having problems during install).

/noreboot Do not automatically reboot after installation completes copying the files.

/s:path Specify the location of the Windows XP source files, such as a network path

/syspart :drive_letter Copies temporary files to specified drive, make the drive active, and run from that drive.

/tempdrive :drive_letter Drive location of temporary files

/udf:ID[,UDF_file] Specify the settings file (uniqueness database) for use during an unattended installation

/unattend Unattended installation. The /s option to specify the location of the source files must be used

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