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[Desktops] July 2008


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A "summer-time" desktop :D


For now on I'm doing my sidebars in "Rainmeter", still improving the gadgets (added chiming in the clock...) or create new ones (the last one is the sound system volume, who control the 3RVX program, when I increase, decrease or disable sound, I have the sound state level image of 3RVX who pop-up on the desktop, it's cool ! )

Lots of works, but it's fun ! :)

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WTF, what kind of sidebar is that??? Can I use this skin and gadgets on Vista?

I was lucky to get my hand on the Windows7 sidebar ! :dancing: just kidding smiles-rotten.gif

Afaik the "Rainmeter" program work 100% on Vista, so if you install Rainmeter on your computer, the gadgets (skins) that I made will work !

Now we have two versions of Rainmeter, one is the last version from the original developer, and you have the Rainbar by Gavatx who clone the Vista sidebar http://gavatx.deviantart.com/art/Vista-Rainbar-V4-81263212, it come with a different rainmeter.dll, I don't know what the differences between them !

The original version was already installed on my computer (I playing with this program since 2004) I install the modified version in a different location, for now I start it with a .bat telling windows to run this one like a second instance of Rainmeter, I'm making the sidebar gadgets with that one.

Me I prefer to make my own gadgets, that way I can match it with my desktop themes, for now most of the gadgets are in a preliminary state, lots of features or options to add on them, but I will share it, unless you can't wait and want the prototype right now, and the enhaced ones later ! ^_^

Here the same sidebar on a different wallpaper...


and other one started on a black & blue theme, the system monitoring meters have a color states after 50% blue, green, yellow, orange, red (I add an image of the cpu meter on the screenshot showing that feature)


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