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KDE Vista Patcher [Download] - Updated


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Good Morning to all.

I'm proud to announce the KDE Vista Patcher.

It is in first beta stages but it is promising.

Credits should go to XPero for his vize code and off cource to oxygen team for the icons.

Here is a first screenshot, more are about to come and soon i will upload the first beta version.

KDE Vista Patcher

KDE Vista Patcher is a project based in the fantastic code wonder or XPero, The Vize Project.



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Well, it's been a long time, real life was keeping me busy, you see i'm a guitarist so music is my other big passion. BUT, i just finished my update on KDE Vista Patcher, updated a hell bunch of resources, added a hundred more, reworked on the UI, it was overblue, right kel? also created KDE se7en Patcher witch is for... Irix as you all guessed :P

Some final work on the installers and details and i will upload it

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