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[AddOn] JkDefrag GUI AddOn 0.1.0 (ENU, FRA)


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JkDefrag GUI AddOn v0.1.1

jkdefrag1jt7.th.png jkdefrag2zl0.th.png jkdefrag3qw6.th.png


  • Add shortcut for JkDefrag GUI to Control Panel.
  • Add a menu entry to right click on Hard Disk to Defragment.
  • It replaces default defragmenter, but DOES NOT ovrewrite it, it just uses a reg tweak for this. Default defragmenter is still accessible through start menu.
  • Default screensaver is set to JkDefrag screensaver. This one, after it ends defragmentation, will launch default Windows sccreensaver : logo.scr.
  • Uninstallable

Supported Languages: English, French. (Feel free to ask a language support if JkDefrag GUI support this language).



- Fixed a little issue when uninstalliog : entre in sysoc.inf wasn't removed


- Initial release


MD5: 437DEC13C6F77E5D94D6BC1DBC1317CD

Size: 5.08MB

Website: http://www.emro.nl/freeware/

Edited by Kal
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Kal nice work, how ever I don't wont to be rude,but you should not spend your free time to do this since I already made similar addon way back with all languages included,they are almost the same... :)

Here is the link...

Never the less I like your work mate ;)

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Arg, next time I should try Search function :D

By the way, your AddOn doesn't include French translation for Uninstall entry in Add/Remove manager, and it sets english as default language for JkDefrag GUI. So, even if I've found yours before, I should make this one to make it intertionalized ;)


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