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How to forward a port for this router?


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Hello all,

I am a newbie to this forum and I wanna to open a port in my router so that I can use this port for uTorrent program.

First: I don't know the type of my router. I know it is Billion but which version that what I don't know?

here is the page of my router


Anyway I check all the billion pages in the website and I can't find my a page that is similar to mine.

Second: I follow that the main points that I understand from all the pages of other Billion.

1. I go to Virtual Server page in my router.

2. Then enter the port number and IP as follow.

3. Save and restart the router.


Then I test this if the port 10011 that it is supposed to be opened if it work or not, I get this



So What shall I do?!!

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Hi mate,

you should open command prompt and run ipconfig command and write that address. Your local IP provided by your router should be something like 192.168.1.x with the default DHCP settings.

You should then enter that number 192.168.1.x in the Host IP Address field.

What did you do, you forwarded your external IP address to your external IP address which makes no sense.

Your external IP address was, and that is dynamic IP address which is changed at regular intervals. BTW, is this your ISP?


Hopefully this will work for you, although it would be better if you would have the option to choose the application for which you want to use port forwarding, but then again it depends on the router. In this way you're forwarding port for all of your applications.

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Tried opening both UPD and TCP in the virtual server? If not, that could be it. Also, make sure your computer is a STATIC IP address, don't let it get one from the DHCP server, that will screw up your port forwarding.

Let me know if this is the case.

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