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Do you have a portable devices?


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I just recently purchased Corsair Voyager 8Gb flash stick. It's not good as GT or fastest but it was on discount and I did not have any ever since my old MSI 128mb (USB 1.0 Speed) cracked,had bad plastic casing.

I like Star Trek and this nice water resistant case that voyager has. LOL :dribble:

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Well I have a few...

Just recently bought an iPod Touch 2G 16gb ( posting from this right now )

I have an OQO Model 2 which is a very small micropc/umpc, this may be replaced by my touch, I never thought a device could be so productive... for my needs that is.

I as well have a Corsair Voyager 8gb and like Star Trek haha

Hmm I bought a broken Fujitsu u2010 note for cheap and currently in the works of fixing this device, I recieved a pcie ssd which I am going to test tonight :)

That is all I can think of now!

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