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:( Lol sorry corrected very very deceptive as i have recently tried that, it only installs MCE theme and skin without MCE itself (it just asks about Xp MCE 2005 CD2 during installation process). Hamed should explain about the fact more clearly to people here that it doesnt contain any required MCE file (i.e mediactr.cab) for installing Media Center software directly. Not much useful for Xp Pro or Home. Nice pack though...
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AMIRZ you want to convert XP into MCE use this addon

You want it to look like Vista use this http://ricktendo64.deviantart.com/art/XP-M...-2008-106010573

I am currently working on the Vista skin with new fonts and a now playing bg for music, it has allot of improvements but will not be released til next year

:) Thanx Rick for the info, yes i already know that how to convert Xp to MCE before (unattended and/or without reformatting) i.e by using your add on (thx it's the best one as far i know) etc and i already have the OSes (they are original MCE one and the "hacked" Xp Pro version), but seems most people here thought/will think Hamed's pack is a real Vista/Xp MCE software installer (though actually not as you said: bit deceptive, agreed), so i just wanted to correct it (please read the sub-title: "Windows Media Center for Xp"??? should be: "Windows Media Center Skin/Theme for Xp")

:icon_cool: wow i will try your Vista skin in your DA, thx alot Rick! i have also made my own MCE skin before but yours looks awesome!

EDIT: Update (By me) :sweatingbullets: Lol dedicated for everybody here:

Download Windows Media Center Installer for Xp Pro/Home/Tablet and Server 2003 SP2/SP3 and Server 2003: -> (MCE 2005 Post Rollup 2 with Vista GUI port) Installer, uninstallable, without hacking/changing the OS and system files to get Windows Media Center application installed. Full tweaked with full Vista Media Center GUI skin for Xp (The best by far):


Prerequisites: .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 and WMP 10/WMP 11 (WMP 11 is recommended). Also MPEG-2/DVD Decoder and some codecs installed to play DVD and some other 3rd party multimedia files in MCE (Note included). Hardware limitation has been removed (fully tweaked) so even you can install it on old machine!

If you already have Windows Xp MCE 2005 OS installed, then what you only need is to download this Vista Skin for Xp MCE 2005 (to make Xp Media Center look like Vista all the way!) -> Fully tweaked and enhanced Vista-like GUI:

Screenshot of Vista Skin for Xp MCE 2005 :


Well it's still not 100% perfect yet though, but at least still better than nothing for Xp :D ...(Thanx alot to my good friend Ricktendo64 (Author of Windows Sidebar installer/add on 4 Xp in Wincert) for kind permission to use some of his DA skin resource also MythemesMCE...)

- Download Vista Skin for Xp Media Center 2005 above (The best one by far):


Windows Plus! Digital Media Enhancement (Windows Dancer, Party Mode, CDLM, AC) ported to Xp Pro, Home, Vista, 7:


Original Windows MCE 2005 Screensavers (Aquarium, Davinci, Space, Nature) ported to Xp/2003/Vista:


Original Windows MCE 2005 Skins, themes, cursors, wallpapers etc for all Windows OSes:


- Guide (Converting Xp Pro/Home to Xp MCE 2005 OS): TheGreenButton: Installing Media Center 2005 on WinXP Home or Pro and avoiding a clean install:

credits to tmksnyder, TheGreenButton :


Edited by AMIRZ
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