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help: how i make Addon?


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i not really expert in this :(

Nobody is in the beginning. But, you have to try and probably fail, on your first attempt. Post your failures and we can help fix that. From that trial and error, you will learn quickly.

Look at your favorite addons, disassemble them, ask the creator questions.

Study all of the tutorials posted above and read all of the postings by ricktendo64 and others here.

That should be a good start.

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Also, to start making addon, you should have the tools to do it, such as

1) Kel's UberPacK v13.5 - one of the essential to go along with

2) INF Assistant (for true addon type)

3) CMenu

4) 7zSfx or WinRAR (silent installer type)

There may be other tools but these should get you started...

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