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All tools of Nirsoft. A lot of strange work...puh

K, some details:

setup will create a folder in accessories named NirsoftUtilities(wow, never thought that...) with subfolders of categories(same as nirsoft).

I had to split sfx because a comment can only be 64Kb, hmm lol my is bigger. Use it if you like it or not.

[link] http://www.wupload.com/file/2667211557/NIRSOFTUTILITIES.rar

MD5: d2e40d882c1c510a1295d6e5abb9a503

SHA-1: c644d1f60034fb726dfc1f6394fbbc88102d2f2b

http://www.nirsoft.net/ to see further details.

HelpFiles are also included.

05.06.2009 -> updated and added new utilities. I had to reorganize files -> now there are 3 separate installers^^ use it or not

09.24.2009 -> updated and added new utilities.

12.06.2009 -> updated

04.24.2010 -> updated and added new utilities

02.25.2010 -> added new mirror

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Unfortunately, Rapidshare continues to be inaccessible due to high demand.

Would you consider hosting (or mirroring) the files on a different host next time?

Esnips always seems fine to me and seeing as you use it to host your other stuff already...

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