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VistaXp Theme for Xp (Both VS and WB) - "Resurrection"


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PS: If you want more Vista and Windows 7 applications and features on XP, then please also visit (Recommended):

"List of Most Vista and Windows 7 Applications for XP"

:) Hello everybody. I hope this can be useful if there's anybody who still needs it :

- VistaXp theme by KOL for Windows Xp -> Full MSStyles / Skin / VS + wallpaper + Segoe UI font etc (all as original from Kol), Final Version, 2,23 Mb

The classic, coolest and most famous Vista-like VS / theme skin for Windows Xp, giving it a new "identity". As based on Vista Beta 1 2005, In my opinion even it looks better than both official MS Zune and Royal ones (as "Black Xp"). Special Credits to Kol and Studio Twenty Eight, (well, we all know it's "very rare", even in the past...coz...etc) so i hope it's still OK to post here...

Note: Make sure you have patched uxtheme.dll (thx to Raphael and Liskiller-WinMatrix) before applying this skin. Get the patch here for free. You can also use another (shareware) skinning apps such as "old" StyleXp or TuneUp Styler as apart of TuneUp utilities etc:

Download Vista Xp theme skin for Xp by KOL the latest updated version (full/original, 2,23 Mb, Fixed and updated some bitmap "webview" pics issue etc.):


Screenshot of VistaXp theme on XP Desktop:


Again, full credits to Kol and (EDIT -> also Microsoft for original Luna binary). Enjoy :D cya!

Added: Window Blinds Skin (Supports Transparency/Blur*)->Only if you have Window Blinds 5/6 installed (Xp and Vista**):

Download VistaXp by Kol WB V3.1 (Window Blinds Skin, supports transparency/blur for WB 5/WB 6 on Xp / Vista), 3, 44 Mb:


* Blur (border) only supported by Window Blinds 6

** Only Window Blinds 6 fully compatible with Vista (not 5)

Edit: Sorry for the stupid typo, it's actually version 3.1 (the latest one by Kol!) not 3.0. Please pardon me :rolleyes: i have already renamed it here, but however i'll still keep the same (old) name and download location bcoz i'm too lazy to re-upload the same file only to change its name from 3.0 to 3.1. Anyway, cheers! :D .

PS: To apply transparent/blurred skin, please select "Glass Beta 1" or "Glass Beta 2" in Window Blinds Configuration panel. It also maybe more practical to select "Vista-ize Me".

(similar thread on another forum Here)

Special Bonus: "Vista-Xp Ultimate" BootScreen, Hibernate Screen and Logon Screen for Xp + guide/template, yeah you can change hibernate screen in XP too!(you can customize it). They look very matching for this theme imho (additional/optional) -> it will replace old Xp flag with Vista's flag just like below screenshot. Available for XP SP3:


Download bootscreen, hibernatescreen, logon screen:


Bootscreen and hibernate screen only:


Anyway long live XP! It's still the best MS operating system i've ever used, even after Windows 7 came out. Cya... :)

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UPDATED: Added VistaXp Skin for Window Blinds:

Window Blinds Skin (Supports Transparency):

Download VistaXp by Kol WB V3.0 (Window Blinds Skin, supports transparency/blur for WB 5/WB 6 on Xp / Vista), 3,44 Mb:

MD5: 15D2EE45FC9175CFB5D05F4288ACF151


This is the latest update. Enjoy :D Cya!

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