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[AddOn] QuickLaunch during Windows Setup 0.3.0 (multilingual)


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Quick Launch bar during Windows Setup v0.3.0

quicklaunchreszb1.th.png quicklaunchnetpq3.th.png

While I was creating my Update Pack, I thought it would be really usefull to get easy access to some utilites like cmd.exe, regedit.exe, taskmgr.exe, a file explorer, Firefox, cpu-z...

So I decided to create my own Quick Launch bar to suit my needs. As it's a little tricky to set up, this program comes like an addon. You just have to integrate it to your source with RVMi 1.5+.


Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition v3.0.1

FreeCommander 2008.06b (default file explorer, Windows Explorer wouldn't work during installation)

HWMonitor v1.10

CPU-Z 1.46

Solitaire, FreeCell, Minesweeper, Spider Solitaire & Hearts : only if they are present on your Windows CD. Otherwise, they won't be copied and won't appear on the list (so you can remove them with nLite if you wish)

resolution changer coded by myself

All components contained into the listbox are optional : so after integrating this addon, if you need to save space, you can remove its in OEM\QuickLch\Apps. LixBox shows only what is present in this directory. If it finds nothing, listbox will be hidden. By the way, don't remove Firefox neither A43 as they are avalaible through buttons.

Avalaible translations : English, French, Chinese. (Feel free to ask a translation)



- Updated CPU-Z to v1.47

- Updated HWMonitor to v1.11

- fixed a bug preventing this addon to be integrated simultaneouslywith other addons/updatepacks

- Improved Resolution changer window (now filtered with color quality)

- Added Spider Solitaire & Hearts : only if they are present on your Windows CD.

- Added FreeCommander. Replaced A43 File Management

- Based on WINNT.SIF method : no more hacked setup neither presetup.cmd


- Added Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition

- Added HWMonitor

- Added CPU-Z

- Added Solitaire, FreeCell, Minesweeper : only if they are present on your Windows CD.

- Added a tool to change resolution


- Added Chinese translation

- Minor internal changes


- Initial release

Quick Launch Delphi Source v0.3.0

MD5: 5744E0240CD389EB33E3616F58FAB5DF

Size: 38.9KB

Quick Launch AddOn v0.3.0

MD5: FFA3BC8543455C386B998DCEAAC65599

Size: 11.8MB

Licence: GPL


yumeyao : chinese traduction



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