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[Tool] True-AddOn Maker v1.0 Beta2 (Rl


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Here's a program for you real-addon addicts.

The purpose of creation of this tool is to simplifiy the real-addon creation process.

The program will help you in creation of inf files, specifiying the copy files directories, adding registry tweaks, and so on. In future, we are planning to add, direct-copier addons (which use dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif file entries), ability to select register_dll sections, adding multiple registry tweaks, automatic creation of addon uninstall section, adding desktop shortcuts, reg2inf converter&pechecksum (with permission from author), auto-update, and maybe a real update pack generation :)



Before running the addon maker, you must take s snapshot of the program of which you want to build the addon, in order to learn the file&folder structure of the program.

After getting info about the structure, you can copy all required files in a single folder, or copy different folder contents to different root folders.

We suggest you to copy the program file structure to a new folder with same structure.

For example, copy all files which are copied to windows directory to C:\AddonWork\Windows directory. Then, copy the programs' files to C:\AddonWork\ProgFile directory. And so on. The purpose of this is to easily select all files which go to same folder.

In first screen of the addon maker, you must choose the root folder, which contains all of the needed files for the addon. The program will scan the root folder and all sub-folders in order to create the file list.


If you have copied the program files folder of the program to a different folder, you can choose it from "program files" section under addon root. And the below sections are used for the other sections like, common program files, user application data, windows directory, system directory and windows\inf directory. These sections are most used folders in programs, you can choose the non-listed folders in next steps.

After selecting the folders, we click to "Cabinet Add-Ons" button. This type of addon contains a cab file, which has all program files in it, an inf file and an entries.ini file.

cabinfouj2.th.png infoerrxb8.th.png

On this page, we enter the required information for the addon. Program name, addon version, description, and the shortname. All information on this screen is required in order to continue the process. The shortname can be anything you desire, like the addons name in short words. Like, IE (Internet explorer), MP (Media player).

Tip: The shortname you've entered will be the name of the cab&inf file of the addon.

After filling in all info's in program we click on next and at this step, addon's files' get copied to a new single folder in order to create the sourcedisk files section of the inf file. The files which have same name are renamed automatically at this step. (Just click ok when the pop-up occurs.)

copyfileserrqc2.th.png copyfileserr2qx5.th.png

In next window, you can see all files listed under source disk files section.


And we go to next screen.

This window is the section which you control all files. Rename files, copy files to required locations, and setting a desired 8.3 compatible name.


First select one or more files, then if exists, click on given "file origin list" which helps you easily select some system folders, then type the folder name in "Original Folder Name" section. And click on "Set" button.

This process sets the desired folder name for the files you've chosen.

Tip: Oroginal path section lists the folder name of the file. If the file is in the root folder, nothing is written there.

After entering all required info for all files, we click on next.


At this stage, the program creates the needed copy file entries for the inf file, and lists in the window. You can see the list here,


then lets click on next.

The last step of the process. The registry settings. You can copy and paste your registry settings which are in INF FORMAT.


The settings will be copied to addon's inf file.

Tip: You can use Reg2Inf converter to convert your reg settings.

After that, we click on next. At this window, you can see all parts of the inf file created by program. When you click next the inf file will be saved.


Click next for the entries.ini file info.


When you click next the entries.ini file will be created as well.

And at last screen we can create the cab file which contains all the addon files in it. Of course, this will take some time.


And your addon is ready to use in "C:\My Addons" folder:



Download program from C-Ronaldo-RapidShare5.png OR mediafire.png

Size: 4,05 MB / MD5: 0DF7F2159EB18A8D24AB73DA51BA0FB2

Your suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

PS: No Vista support at this time. Some parts of the program doesnt work under vista. We're working on it.

Programmed by Baran Seren. Me? Me just the beta tester :P


  • Official Embedded Theme Addon for Windows XP ~MrNxDmX
    An addon, which has easily created by True-Addon Builder (I didn't modify entries.ini or inf file):
    This theme has been taken from
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hmmm only one thing i can say

wow i have got to try this

thx for this Addon Maker

Edit:in setup section in the runtime install you should make it install them only if they don`t exist

Edited by DaRk MaDnEsS
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can provide an altelative download link besides rapidshare.loves to try this.thanks

Try any of this sites

....(Edit MrNxDmX: Removed old version links. Thanks a bunch for your support :) )

if you want another site i`m here but just tell me what site you want

Edited by MrNxDmX
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nice tool ,ill be a tester.

thanks to test ;)

Thanks guys for all that hard work

yes this program algoritms very very hard this, but not impossible :)

Every bugs and errors finished then very usally tool to Worlds number one add on maker programs this it.

Why don\\\'t you upload it on our FTP MrNxDmX?

BTW, great work :guitar:

Because count download to select rapidshare ;) alternate download adress adder friend thank you ;)

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This is what I wanted to create with mine inf tool - but, I can't program.

Great work!!

sorry our program not only inf tool. This program is multiple process to finished create inf ini and cabinet files. Not only inf file creator this is all in one tool.

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sorry our program not only inf tool. This program is multiple process to finished create inf ini and cabinet files. Not only inf file creator this is all in one tool.

I understand what your program is. That is exactly what I wanted to create, but, can not be created using a batch file.

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