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[Tool] True-AddOn Maker v1.0 Beta2 (Rl


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Hi Bro , Your said apps not similar apps to our programs. Our program is very simply True addon builder not msi or exe or other installer insert inner addons file. This working step by step addon creating.

not any smilar apps to our programs on the world ;) all in one this

kiki burgh, thanks for your suggstion. We're moving slowly but switchless installer addons are on our to do list. But our aim is to perfect the real addon creation. It will take time but i promise we'll work on it ;)
really looking forward these guys! this will indeed be a handy tool where many will benefit from (+ lessens requests for addons :)) ... thanks! Edited by kiki burgh
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Guest DennyMK

Thanks MrNxDmX and Baran SEREN. Since I'm interested by making addons I didn't stopped to search for advises and help from somebody;). I'm a newbie with creating addons (just 2 month's experience) and I already made a couple of dousins addons with .exe base. I hope your work will save my effort to manually create them. I wish you very successfull work.

Greetings from Macedonia

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My New Laptop come now. i setup development tools and working today or tomorrow ;)

a bug reported : source file names included unicode characters or brackets erroring renamed file names to inf file. Working this.

Edited by Baran SEREN
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hi MrNxDmX, hi Baran SEREN! hehe, i see i was the last one to post here prior to this. sorry for bumping this thread ... but could there still be a possible update on this? still hoping there could be a final ver to come out. thanks!

Edited by kiki burgh
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New Version Released Please download this adress Nx Update first post today.

Links : Rapidshare

Size : 4,2 MB / MD5: 0DF7F2159EB18A8D24AB73DA51BA0FB2


All links in all posts, here including links in the main post are broken, please can you re-upload this?



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