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[AddOn] Media Center 2005 (English) January 24 2012


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And what about CD root files (WIN51IC, WIN51IC.SP3) and I386\SETUPP.INI?

Did you mod them too?

Nope, none of those files need to be modded. We really aren't changing much in the operating system. The only cosmetic change that is visible to users (aside from the fact that Media Center is now present) is the fact that the System Properties box now shows Media Center Edition instead of Home Edition, and that's due to the following line:

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Hi rick, strange one with RVMi method , when I run a second integration using RVMi 1.6.1b2.1 to add other addons. Something deletes the MEDIACTR folder and files out of CMPNENTS. Put it back again and make .iso it works fine. If anyone agrees maybe worth mentioning on front page.


why's it come out funny size... took it up to 12 18 point font still sily ?? :g:

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Thanks Rick. You forgot to update the download date in the first post, the hashes are correct though, and I didn't see mention of KB2619340 in the first post description. Thanks again!

Cheers and Regards

EDIT: Thanks for the corrections!

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